Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Released

Square Enix has just released Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on the App Store. You can buy it here for $15.99. The game picks up 20 years after the events of Final Fantasy IV and checks in on a number of familiar characters as well as new ones across 10 episodes.

The After Years was originally released as a series of downloadable episodes for Wii to fairly average reviews. The iOS version is a 3D remake of that game, done in the same style as the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV on iOS.

The After Years has a notable structure that ought seems like a good fit for mobile devices. You start the game playing through “Ceodore’s Tale,” after which you unlock six other short episodes starring other characters. These can be played in any order, but once you do, you unlock three additional episodes to close out the story.

We’ll have a review up as soon as possible.

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