Final Fantasy IV Announced for iOS

Square Enix has announced on their website that they’re bringing Final Fantasy IV to iOS on December 20. The details come from the Japanese website Gamer. To help promote the upcoming release, Square Enix has put their other iOS Final Fantasy games on sale.

Final Fantasy IV was originally released in the US for Super Nintendo in 1991 under the name Final Fantasy II. It was one of the very first video games to have a sprawling, epic storyline, with likable characters who grew through the course of the game, surprising plot twists, and despicable villains. It helped clear the way for the kind of storytelling that’s prevalent in games now.

The version coming to iOS is the re-make that came out on the Nintendo DS in 2008. Much like the Final Fantasy III remake, it features completely re-done 3D graphics. It would be nice if they included the original SNES graphics as well, but we won’t hold our breath for that.

The price listed on the Gamer article is 1800 yen, which converts to somewhere around $22.00. While that’s expensive for a game on the App Store, it’s in line with what Square Enix charges for their other titles. But if you don’t like paying high prices (and who does?) check out the sale on Final Fantasy games going on now.

Final Fantasy – Review – 3/4 – $3.99 (was $8.99) – Open in iTunes

Final Fantasy II – Review – 3/4 – $3.99 (was $8.99) – Open in iTunes

Final Fantasy III – Review – 3/4 – $8.99 (was $15.99) – Open in iTunes

Final Fantasy III for iPad – Review – 3/4 – $9.99 (was $16.99) – Open in iTunes

Final Fantasy Dimensions – Review – 4/4 – $16.99 via IAP (was $28.99) – Open in iTunes

[Via Gamer]

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