Final Fantasy Dimensions Gets a Release Date

Put on your best plumed hat and saddle up your Chocobo, because Final Fantasy Dimensions has a release date. You can expect this retro-style JRPG to hit iOS and Android on August 31.

Final Fantasy Dimensions is a translated and polished version of Final Fantasy Legends, which hit Japanese feature phones in 2010. Legends’ graphics have been buffed up for the iOS/Android release of Dimensions, and so far there’s no indication that the game will be released in episodic installments (as was the case when the game was on feature phones).

Final Fantasy Dimensions most closely resembles the 16-bit era of Final Fantasy’s history, particularly Final Fantasy IV and V. The job system plays a big part in Dimensions meaning you can dress up as a Dark Knight, a Dragoon, a Dancer, and more. Square-Enix seemingly hasn’t finalized a price for the game yet.

Have you been hankering for an old-fashioned Square-Enix RPG experience, or are you content with the dozens of imitators on the App Store?

[via SiliconEra]

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