Final Fantasy Dimensions Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Watch your step: Moogles at Work. E3 is coming, and popular RPG developer Square-Enix will be on-hand to show off a whack of iOS and Android titles. The biggest mobile game in Squeenix’s pipeline is Final Fantasy Dimensions, a retro-style RPG that will make oldschool Final Fantasy fans wag their tails.

Judging by the game’s description in Square-Enix’s recent E3 press release, Final Fantasy Dimensions appears to be a translation of Final Fantasy Legends (not to be confused with the 1989 Gameboy game, Final Fantasy Legend). Originally released in 2010, Legends was published on Japanese cellphones via installments, much like Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Final Fantasy Legends’ in-depth job change system makes it close cousins with Final Fantasy V, so North American fans of FFV should be happy to get their hands on Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Final Fantasy Dimensions also features 2D pixel art, and an old-fashioned story about good, evil, and a struggle over crystals. It’s the stuff the ‘˜90s was made out of! It’s not yet clear if Dimensions will be an episodic release in North America like Legends was in Japan, but we should find out by this summer.

Other Square-Enix mobile games to keep an eye on at E3 include Demons’ Score, a game that fuses battles with music, a card-battling game called Guardian Cross, and a mobile adaptation of KooZac, a popular online numbers/puzzle title.

[via Joystiq]

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