Final Fantasy III Announced for iOS

Square Enix has just announced on their website that Final Fantasy III will be coming to the iPhone next month.

While that’s where the details end, we should point out that this is not the same Final Fantasy III that was released in the US for the Super Nintendo in 1994, featuring Terra, Mog, Cyan, and Celes battling against Kefka’s evil laugh. By the Japanese series’ counting– which they’re using here– that was Final Fantasy VI.

The one that’s coming out on iOS next month was originally released in Japan in 1990 and didn’t make it to U.S. shores until 2006, when it was remade for the Nintendo DS. It’s most well-known as being the first Final Fantasy to use a job system.

So that’s cool. This will be a Final Fantasy that most gamers outside of Japan probably haven’t played. But if you’re looking to play one of the SNES classics, you’ll have to hope they release the next one in the series, Final Fantasy IV, which you may remember as Final Fantasy II in the U.S.

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