FIFA Rival Pro Evolution Soccer Hitting App Store In June

You might not be aware of it, but there’s been a war going on in Europe for many a year now. A war with balls. While millions of gamers across the continent pick up each and every FIFA title EA churns out year after year, many soccer aficionados prefer to buy Konami’s alternative, Pro Evolution Soccer.

Long considered to be the sophisticate’s soccer sim, Pro Evo has had a rough time on consoles of late, poor reviews for the last couple of editions casting a heavy shadow over its credentials as the ultimate football fan’s fiesta.

As a result, the news that Pro Evolution 2010 is due to kick-off on the App Store next month– already teased by Konami in a candid blog post— might not please as many gamers as it would have done a couple of years ago, but it’s good to see another major player throwing its hat into the iPhone ring.

As far as what’s set to be included, Konami’s Paris studio, which is working on the iPhone release, claims the game will have stunning 3D visuals and a unique control system compared to its mobile cousin.

There will also be official modes for both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, allowing players to live out the trials and tribulations of the two (arguably) greatest club competitions on the planet.

“To bring a game as complex and as playable as PES 2010 to iPhone and iPod touch has been a daunting challenge, but one that has paid off,” said PES 2010 iPhone producer Axel de Rougé.

“We have been working to ensure that all the slick moves– not to mention strong AI and aesthetic touches– associated with the series have been recreated.”

Here’s hoping PES 2010 can live up to its billing, lest it makes us angrier than a Brit forced to call his beloved game “soccer”.

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