Fieldrunners 2 Coming to iOS in June

The original Fieldrunners was released for iOS in 2008, and it remains one of the most engaging and polished tower defense games available on the App Store. It’s been nearly four years, but it’s time to go back out on the battlefield. Build those towers, lace up your boots: Fieldrunners 2 is coming to iOS this June.

Like its predecessor, Fieldrunners 2 is all about building whatever the heck you can to stop the inexorable march of the fieldrunners. There are 30 different enemy types this time around, but you’re certainly not lacking for firepower. You have at dozens of defense towers at your disposal, including the Link tower (earns the baddies a one-way ticket to Limbo), the Railgun tower (for sniping fun), and the Nuke tower (because you probably don’t need anything else, really). The towers are all upgradable, which is fortunate, because each of the game’s 20 levels will require different defense strategies. In other words, you probably can’t just nuke ‘˜em all and let God sort ‘˜em out. Darn.

Fieldrunners 2 features hand-painted levels that span across volcano bases, cities, and grasslands. Wherever the fight winds up, don’t expect to have an easy time of things: when you adapt to the fieldrunners’ strategies, they adapt right back.

Fieldrunners 2 hits the App Store at the end of June, so if you’re still a little shell-shocked from the first go-around with the fieldrunners, make sure you shake it off before summer fires up.

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