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Feed Me Oil Review

Chillingo is getting darn good at figuring out the right type of snackable games that’ll resonate with the iOS audience. Granted, they have published hundreds of title, including some of the mainstays at the top of the charts, like Angry Birds. The new hotness that’s getting a lot of attention is Feed Me Oil. Is it deserving of the hype? Read on to find out’¦

The setup in Feed Me Oil is quite an interesting one. Perhaps nodding to the environmentalist crowd, the land is hungry for oil. Instead of extracting oil, you’re tasked with directing a broken pipeline of black gold to needy land creatures that are starving for it.

Fossil fuel, meet Rube Goldberg.

Each level features at least one land creature to feed. Throughout the game, you’ll have a series of tools and environmental effects at your disposal to direct the gushing oil. Using things like platforms, magnets, wind tunnels, and fans, much of the fun in Feed Me Oil comes from figuring out the quick way to route the oil. Finish time, along with bonus points for unused elements, give you the score for that particular level. As you earn stars from beating levels efficiently, new and more challenging ones become unlocked.

Putting our finger on why this game is so addictive is difficult. Similar to World of Goo, much of the fun comes in the unpredictability of the oil itself. It feels very alive and untamed. You’ll lay out elements in a way that you think should work, but the oil will surprise you over and over again– in a good way. Part of this dynamic is based on the genius level design. Land creatures are often situated in peculiar ways, making you experiment and think about your approach.

Getting a nice shine on top.

As you progress through the game, new variables come into play that add complexity to the levels. For example, you’ll need to push a button open up a route the oil needs to traverse. Frustration never really sets in because of the game’s awesome hint system. If a level is absolutely kicking your butt, you can trigger hints that’ll suggest various elements and their placement to jumpstart your approach. Core gamers may bristle at the implementation, but we think it’s smart, especially for the casual and younger crowd.

The real star of the show is here is the presentation in Feed Me Oil. Everything about the experience oozes quality. Unique and weird level designs will make you eager to see what the next level will look like. The detail and animation on the land creatures are truly exceptional. With a musical score that is cute and simple, Feed Me Oil will make you think of Saturday afternoons when the ice cream truck used to come around. We can’t rave enough about how good the game looks and sounds.

Like much of Chillingo’s content, Crystal provides all the meta and social elements you’d except. You’ve got achievements, leaderboards, and level gifting rounding out the value. Outside of the fact all levels have multiple ways of beating them, these extras are the cherry on top of this masterpiece.

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Feed Me Oil Free To Download Today

Hope you’re thirsty, because Feed Me Oil and Feed Me Oil HD are free to download today for iPhone and iPad! We rated this liquified physics puzzler a Must Have in our review, praising its simple gameplay, amazing graphics, and killer soundtrack. Since it won’t set you back any money, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Feed Me Oil is one of the better (and more bizarre) puzzlers of recent memory.