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FarmVille by Zynga Review

Penguins, starfruit trees, and cupcake bushes, along with other more conventional crops and draft animals, can all be found in the hugely popular online Flash game FarmVille. Zynga’s first app for the iPhone brings you most of the FarmVille experience, though it has some trouble competing with the web version.

In FarmVille, players can design and manage their own farms. There are animals to raise, crops to harvest, and buildings to purchase or construct. Before, you had to access FarmVille through Facebook, MSN Games, or developer Zynga’s website via a computer. Because it’s a Flash game, FarmVille can’t be accessed using the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s Safari web browser. To give FarmVille fans their mobile fix, and possibly attract new players, Zynga has created this app as a workaround.

Manage your own dirt farm.

The FarmVille app allows users to log onto Facebook and access the farm they have been building up online. Those who log in but have not yet played FarmVille can start their own farm and access it using a computer or iDevice. The app does not provide the game offline, and requires players to have a Facebook account.

Many of FarmVille’s features can be accessed using the app, including planting and harvesting crops and tending to your herds. If you have a bumper crop of cupcakes and are away from the computer, this app will let you harvest them from your iDevice. It also allows players to collect and receive their free gifts in a simple, intuitive fashion. This is a dramatic improvement over the online version’s message center, which has been glitchy as of late.

Avatars not included.

The only real problem is that some features are not available through the FarmVille app. Temporary events and challenges like the Tuscan Wedding, pet dogs, and building construction are all unavailable, along with players’ little FarmVille avatars. This lack of some of the game’s most interesting content is a big drawback, making computer access necessary for any serious farmer.

The convenience factor of being able to play FarmVille on the go is a big plus, and the touch controls are easy to master. But even though it’s functional, this free app is still no substitute for playing FarmVille online.

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FarmVille Announced for iPhone

Today during the keynote speech for WWDC, Apple’s developer conference, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus took the stage and announced that FarmVille is heading to the iPhone.

While we’ve been expecting this move for a while, it’s now official. Details are sparse, although we do know that push notifications will be included, so you’ll never have to worry about losing crops because of forgetfulness. However, you will have to worry about having your life interrupted so you can water your digital corn.

But even if FarmVille isn’t up your alley, there are 35 million people playing daily on Facebook who beg to differ, so we’re betting the game will see plenty of downloads. FarmVille will be released by the end of the month.

Farmville Heading to iPhone and iPad, According to New Domains

With hype aplenty focused on the App Store’s ever-expanding lineup of games, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are titles out their making their names on formats that don’t have Apple’s logo emblazoned all over them.

One such hit is Farmville. With over 81 million registered users on Facebook, Zynga’s social sensation has generated headlines the world over, and it appears to be on its way to iPhone.

That’s according to a post made by Tumblr blog Supererogatory, which reports Zynga has been busy registering new web domains for Farmville that suggest it has new platforms in mind. One such domain is Perhaps more surprisingly, however, is

Zynga has been expanding its titles in recent times, with fellow Facebook hit Mafia Wars having recently offered gamers a SMS setup where certain actions can be performed via text. Zynga is keeping quiet so far, but those in the know believe some kind of official announcement regarding a debut on Apple formats is forthcoming.

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