Farm Frenzy 3

Farm Frenzy 3 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Farm Frenzy 3 Review

Farms do a lot of things, but they don’t run themselves. Making sure all the work gets done is a big job, and in Farm Frenzy 3 it’s up to you to see that several colorful, cartoonish farms run smoothly. You’re the the oil that keeps the agricultural machine going, and the only tool you need is a finger for tapping the screen.

Farm Frenzy 3 consist of 95 levels of frantic farming action, with five locations that range from Africa to the South Pole. Like in all management sims, there’s always a ticking timer, giving each level a feeling of chaotic urgency, and the faster you achieve each level’s goals, the greater your rewards. What you get to show for your work is achievements and trophies, as well as stars that you can use to unlock and upgrade animals and buildings on your farm.

Who invited the bear?

The gameplay requires beaucoup amounts of tapping: tapping things like chickens, eggs, cows, jaguars, and buildings, all in service of attaining the level’s goals. For example, a level might ask you to amass 15 cakes and 10 chickens. Chickens can be purchased outright, but cakes aren’t so easily attainable. To make a cake you have to collect an egg from a chicken, process the egg into egg powder, and send the egg powder to the bakery. Once the cake is made, it’s checked off your list, and you’re free to sell it in town for money.

The gameplay on any given level moves fast and frantically, but finishing the game takes a long time. When you do well on levels, you’re rewarded with stars. To progress through the game, you have to spend your stars to unlock new animals and buildings for your farm. In addition, nearly everything is upgradeable. The truck you use to transport your goods to town can be expanded. The bakery can be upgraded to produce more cakes at a time. It’s this constantly-changing set of tools that makes the game addictive, even the gameplay doen’t change as you progress.

The lonely life of a chicken.

Our biggest issues with Farm Frenzy 3 won’t be bothersome for everyone. The lack of gameplay variety made us a little bored after a few hours. Although they’ve added a few new ideas to the game, it’s still very similar to the previous installments in the series. The game has to load before and after each level, and loading times seem longer than they should be. Also, the game is only playable on third- and fourth-generation devices.

Farm Frenzy 3 is a pretty basic game, but the closer you look, the more complexity you’ll find. That said, it’s still highly repetitive, so don’t buy it if you can’t stand doing one thing over and over again. But if you want a lot of content for just a few bucks, and you get hooked on unlocking and upgrading gear, Farm Frenzy 3 is a solid buy.

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