Family Guy: Time Warped Preview

At Glu’s annual Gamers Day demo, just one game they announced was unavailable for us to see or play: Family Guy: Time Warped. This follow-up to last year’s Family Guy: Uncensored should be a bit more consistent than Uncensored, with a beat ‘˜em up, side-scrolling style instead of a jumble of minigames.

This year, Glu’s Family Guy game will focus on just Stewie and Brian as they travel through time. The confirmed time periods include modern times, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, and the Wild West, but strangely enough the location will be Quahog in every era. You can also expect to see Family Guy supporting characters show up in period attire.

In a promising sign, Family Guy: Time Warped is intended to be more like the show than Family Guy: Uncensored. Voice clips from the characters will be included in the game, and the cutscenes will feature ‘cutaway gags’ that were missing from the last game. Like before, writers from the show are working with Glu to approve the storyline.

We only got one glimpse of what the game will look like. In a mock-up screenshot, Meg is pulling a chariot containing Pharaoh Joe in the Ancient Egypt level. Stewie is riding on top of Brian, brandishing a laser pistol. This will apparently be a boss fight that is distinct from the main beat ‘˜em up gameplay.

Though we haven’t seen the game running yet, we like the premise of Family Guy: Time Warped. If it’s more like The Simpsons Arcade and less like Family Guy: Uncensored, we’ll consider that to be freakin’ sweet.

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