Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Hands-On Preview

At a star-studded Hollywood premier that was far more extravagant than a typical mobile game launch party, Fox Digital Entertainment and TinyCo revealed their latest game, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. We had a chance to go hands-on with it to find out if it’s an improvement over the last two games based on the popular animated series. 

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff takes quite a bit of inspiration from the EA-developed Simpsons mobile game, Tapped Out. Like Tapped Out, The Quest For Stuff is a freemium city-building simulation where you have to rebuild the characters’ hometown. The setting is now Quahog instead of Springfield, and instead of Homer destroying the town in a nuclear accident, Peter and the Giant Chicken have destroyed the town with one of their epic battles.


The Quest For Stuff uses many, many supporting characters from Family Guy, each of whom is unlocked by progressing through challenges. Peter and Chris Griffin are the first characters you’ll unlock, and certain challenges will allow you to combine characters, displaying unique animations. On the downside, each challenge also creates a countdown timer, so you’ll have to find something else to do while you wait, or pay to speed along the action with clams, the game’s premium currency.

As a result, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff doesn’t have any challenge to it other than waiting out the clock. It does offer a high degree of customization, since you’ll be able to place each new building or decoration wherever you like.


TinyCo, whose other freemium games include Tiny Monsters and Tiny Castle, have sought to make their Family Guy game feel consistently entertaining even if you only play it for a few minutes at a time. Their philosophy was “a laugh a minute,” which you can see in the game’s ridiculous dialogue and character animations. Fuzzy Door, the production studio behind the TV show, contributed heavily to the game’s development and dialogue.

If you’re a Family Guy fan, you’ll recognize reams of references. In fact, one-off gags like the Petercopter are enshrined in the game as collectable objects, and you can dress up the characters in costumes like Peter’s mermaid outfit. TinyCo also has the ability to add new content to the game within one week, which they hope to use to keep the game timely with new episodes and real-world current events.


With a seemingly endless amount of content and at least two years of updates planned, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff won’t easily exhaust its supply of characters, gags, and absurd situations. However, the gameplay is definitely a style we’ve seen before, without much in the way of interaction or challenge. That said, as a huge collection of Family Guy references in one colorful package, we predict that The Quest For Stuff will spend a lot of time camped out on the Top Grossing charts. You can download it on April 10 for both iOS and Android.


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