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Family Feudâ„¢ Decades HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Family Feud Decades HD iPad Review

What better way to start 2011 than with an epic battle of wits without having to leave your home? If arctic temperatures are keeping you inside, gather around with family and friends and venture to the App Store for Family Feud Decades HD for iPad.

This game builds on its predecessor, Family Feud, by incorporating authentic questions from various decades: the ‘˜70s, ‘˜80s, ‘˜90s, and ‘˜00s. The game also includes the appropriate stages, images, and apparel so you can embrace your inner hippie, disco diva, or grunge rocker.

Get a haircut, hippie!

Like in the previous game, you’re able to choose between three levels of difficulty, and single or multiplayer modes. You can customize and save avatars for players, and continued gameplay wins you points that you can use to unlock new wardrobe items.

When we played Family Feud Decades, we were pleased to see how quickly we could respond to the questions by simply entering a portion of the word and having the screen populate with matching options. Even better, synonyms are acceptable, so if a player enters term such as ‘priest’ instead of ‘clergyman’, the answer is recognized and accepted.

This game strongly adheres to the gameplay and rules of the original Family Feud, but we were hoping that this enhanced version would allow us to play multiplayer using different iPad devices. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As long as you’re able to share the device among players at a gathering, you’ll enjoy the imagery, sounds, and its ease of use.

Nightmare on Elm Street.

If you’re a Nintendo Wii player and love the level of customization you can get when you design your Mii, you may be disappointed by the limited options when you attempt to create your doppelganger. Still, this isn’t anything that substantially detracts from game play.

What we found most captivating about Family Feud Decades is that its visuals mimic those of the TV game show. The animations and interactivity provide a fast-paced and challenging experience, and the ability to play in four different decades is likely to bring you satisfaction (and nostalgia).

Also, we feel that its price (currently discounted at $2.99) is a strong selling point for this app– especially when its Wii version retails for $29.99. If your New Year’s resolutions are to think more quickly, compete more fiercely, or to simply ‘play more’, Family Feud Decades is a fun way to start 2011 off right.

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