Famed Final Fantasy Designer Working on iPhone Project

Those who have lamented the lack of a true Japanese-style RPG on the iPhone may have reason to take heart today, as it was revealed by Mistwalker that the legendary designer of the original Final Fantasy games, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is hard at work on a new iPhone game.

No details have been announced as to what the game will be, although some have guessed that it may be a port of one of his latest games, Blue Dragon Plus for the Nintendo DS.

Blue Dragon Plus is a real-time-strategy game similar to Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, and can be played entirely with the DS touch screen, giving credence to suggestions that this may be the title in development.

Sakaguchi gained an unparalleled reputation during the 1990’s for being a master of the classic JRPG. He is credited as having worked on 45 unique games over the course of his 22 year career, including beloved classics Final Fantasy 1-11, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy Tactics.

His reputation has been stained as of late by mixed reception to his last two major releases, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, which were both highly divisive amongst fans and critics.

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