Facebook Connect Plugs iPhone Gaming Into Social Web

What’s the iPhone’s single best feature, as far as gaming’s concerned? Is it multitouch? The accelerometers? The App Store? No, those things are all cool (even revolutionary, in the case of the App Store), but we think it’s the device’s omnipresent, uncompromised connection to the Internet that makes it truly special. The advent of Facebook Connect for the iPhone gives developers access to a ready-made community tens of millions strong–many of whom are already familiar with online gaming, we might add.

PocketGamer’s Stuart Dredge has written up a nice series of pieces on the launch games for Facebook connect, which includes iPhone-original games like Tap Tap Revenge 2, and iBowl, as well as Facebook natives Live Poker and Who Has the Biggest Brain?

Facebook Connect is free for developers, and apparently fairly easy to add to existing Apps. Facebook Connect enables high score propagation to Friend Feeds and importation of Friends lists, to name two hot-ticket items that ought to boost App virality by an order of magnitude.

The entire video games industry–console, PC, portable, mobile, everything!–is rapidly converging onto the Internet; the iPhone/Facebook tandem is starting to look like Ground Zero, given the demographic commonalities between gamers, iPhone owners and Facebook users. Obviously, this is very exciting news for developers and gamers alike.

[from PocketGamer and eWeek]

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