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Extreme Skater is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Extreme Skater Review

Extreme Skater has the premise of a Saturday morning cartoon from the 90s. An offroad skateboarder happens upon a mysterious crystal meteorite that grants him abilities far beyond any normal skateboarder. Once granted these radical powers, this extreme skater embarks upon impossible adventures to find even more crystals and learn some outrageous tricks along the way.

Extreme Skater uses controls we’ve seen in other skateboarding and BMX games, focusing on your device’s accelerometer to maintain your balance. Your extreme skater will move forward automatically, so it’s up to you to make sure he doesn’t wreck or topple over. You will also need to use gestures and onscreen controls to jump across canyons and interact with the environment in various ways. Advanced players can also use the controls to perform aerial flips, grinds, and other tricks for additional points while also maneuvering the level.

“Theory of…what? ‘Gravity?’ Huh?”

Each stage features obstacles, and Extreme Skater does a good job of introducing these obstacles slowly. For instance, at first you might just need to jump over gaps in the track, but in later levels you need to grab a rope at just the right moment and swing to safety. Grind rails become a common feature of each level as well, offering a unique path through windy trails. Some levels will feature forks in the road, giving you a choice of which way to go and perhaps even a nice surprise if you happen to pick the right path.

Once you reach the crystal at the end of the level, you can move on to the next one. However, completionists can play each level while trying to complete three tasks. These often include finding a hidden area or collecting a sum of coins. Finishing these tasks lends replayability and challenge to an otherwise simple game.

Remember to recycle–to the extreeeeme!

Tricks can be purchased with coins scattered about each level. Once a trick has been unlocked, you’re taken to an arena to learn your new move. These tricks aren’t necessary for finishing levels, but they do earn you points. These moves also add a ‘cool factor’ to the game. You’ll certainly feel like a top-notch boarder if you can perform a sideways grind on a rail while barely avoiding deadly spikes.

Extreme Skater isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, aside from the 90s aesthetic and concept. The simple graphics are standard fare from the game’s developer, Miniclip. Extreme Skater does offer a surprisingly large amount of levels, and, when you consider these levels being replayed to complete all three tasks, that can be an awful lot of game for such a small price. Unfortunately, Extreme Skater is not a universal app and requires separate purchases for the iPhone and iPad.

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