Extinction Squad

Extinction Squad is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Extinction Squad Review

Adult Swim has surprised a lot of gamers with their fun iOS games, which often manage to merge simple old-school gameplay with the themes and look of their own shows. Extinction Squad is no exception, and it takes the quest to rescue endangered animals to a new high’¦ or low as the case may be. Fortunately, we mean that in a good way.

In Extinction Squad, animals have gone crazy, the dodos have returned, and they’re all leaping off cliffs like lemmings or just falling from the sky. Enter daredevil scientist, Chuck Darwin, and his crack team of specialists. Intent on saving these animals from (presumably) themselves, Chuck’s team travels across the world to catch them on trampolines and fling them to safety.

So, deep and sensible story aside, most of Extinction Squad is simple– players just slide their finger back and forth across the bottom of the screen to move the two guys holding a portable trampoline. Animals fall from above, which must be caught while avoiding falling bombs and other hazards.

Save the pandas from themselves.

Moving across Africa, Asia, Antarctica, American, and the Amazon will be a challenge, though. The game starts off friendly, but soon players will have to decide which animals to catch a veritable maze of falling fur. Bombs will fall like rain, and the action gets insane. The adventure mode is a trip across the world, with some slight semblance of a story and continuity. Countdown mode is a more traditional arcade-style bout, where the clock is ticking and high scores are king.

Between bouts, players can spin the Wild Wheel for more bonus items to help their quest or coins to help purchase items. Power-ups are everywhere in this game, helping to slow time, widen the trampoline, and shield the characters from bombs. While there’s a healthy and expected micro-transaction commerce system at work in the game, buying things isn’t necessary to enjoy the game. Split-second reflexes are.

“This is totally going to work!”

For the most part, Extinction Squad is a fun, shallow time. The bright, cartoonish graphics with adorable animals and hilarious bits of gore (usually from splattering animals) look like they were stripped from an Adult Swim show. The audio work is minimal, but excellent as well. The gameplay itself is dirt simple, but for whatever reason, we encountered occasional (very brief) lapses of response.

Extinction Squad is ideal for players with a sense of humor who want something that is the epitome of a mobile game– a game they can instantly pick up and play for a minute or two at a time. It’s simple, hectic, and funny. Just don’t expect anything more, and you’ll likely be happy with it, too.

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