Exiles: Far Colony Hands-On Preview

Exiles: Far Colony is the next big RPG from Crescent Moon. Most of their RPGs so far have been rooted in fantasy worlds full of swords and spells. Think Aralon and Ravensword. Exiles is different. Inspired by Star Wars, Bladerunner, and Dead Space, Exiles puts players in control of a hero on a faraway desert planet. Your job, naturally, is to save humankind.

The game won’t come out until later this year, but what we’ve seen so far looks good. Exiles is based on the Ravensword: Shadowlands engine, so it looks fantastic, but they’ve made several improvements on it. The whole world is open now, so there are no loading screens as you make your way from area to area. The game will still include fast travel, but the world is no longer segmented into separate areas.


According to the game’s story, planet Earth has run out of resources, and humanity has moved to a colony on a nearby planet. Your character is sent out into the desert for missions, where you’ll encounter hostile aliens and law-breaking bandits. The fighting is gun-based in Exile, so the action feels a lot like Mass Effect or Dead Space.


In the part we played, we rode a Return of the Jedi-inspired speeder bike through a rocky desert. Suddenly a giant bug creature (straight out of Starship Troopers) lurched out of the sand in front of us, and started attacking. After dispatching that bug and a few of his smaller friends, we went into an interior environment and walked down long corridors, firing weapons at arachnid-like enemies and admiring the dynamic lighting effects.


What we’ve played so far looks impressive, but a lot remains to be seen, like how the quests play out and what the overarching story is. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more about Exiles: Far Colony later this year.

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