Exclusive Previews: Chop Chop Runner and Chop Chop Tennis

Gamerizon, developers of the adorable Chop Chop Ninja, have informed us that they’re currently developing two new games to expand the Chop Chop series. While Chop Chop Runner does seem to pull some influence from Ninja, Chop Chop Tennis seems to be its own beast entirely, drawing only minor graphical influences from the first in the series.

The first to be released, Runner, will draw inspiration from classic iPhone platformers like Canabalt. The game is said to be a never-ending, procedurally generated, one-touch-interface ninja game with certain elements of combat as well.

“In addition to running and jumping, there is also fighting in CCR,” Kael Lazla of Gamerizon told us. “But the enemies in the levels help you as much as they hinder you. You need to think fast to attack the enemies, and the ninja will always rebound to a safe location after an attack. Also, the ninja can start an attack from anywhere, making it useful to get out of desperate situations (when an enemy appears as you’re falling into a hole, the ninja can actually attack it and come back to life).”

Lazla went on to further explain what exactly defines Chop Chop Runner. “Basically, CCR still features the same basic elements of Chop Chop Ninja (platforming and fighting), but in a Canabalt-style infinite ‘forced advance’ platformer,” he said.

The second game, Tennis, is completely separate from the other two games, but share some ideas and gameplay styles. CC Tennis is described as an “tennis-action” game that uses gesture-based motions to hit the ball in varying styles.

“The flicking you do on the screen provides an intuitive interface to control speed, direction and effects (direct, lob, spin, slice) on the ball,” said Lazla. “Basically, you simply have to flick at the right time to have your player hit the ball, the speed and shape of your flick defining your hit.”

From the sound of it, this system is not entirely unlike that which is employed in the mega-popular iPhone game Skee-Ball, which employs a similar method of control.

“Focusing the control on hitting the ball brings a good rhythm to the game and enables a game with a faster pace than if the player would have to also control the running of his avatar,” Lazla said. “The game modes will also focus on quick gameplay sessions.”

Chop Chop Runner will be available this March, while Chop Chop Tennis will be following closely behind for an April release.

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