Exclusive Hook Worlds Trailer

Rocketcat Games, the makers of the excellent retro swinging platformers Hook Champ and Super Quickhook, have given us an exclusive trailer for their upcoming title Hook Worlds. The trailer reveals the first world in all its old-school glory. Check it out below.

But first, some details on what the heck Hook Worlds is. Like its predecessors, it’s a running/swinging game, but this one is composed of three worlds. Depending on which world you’re in, you’ll be trying to outswing a Chaser, shoot your way through walls, or flip gravity to survive. If it’s as good their previous two efforts, gamers are in for a treat.

And if you buy Hook Worlds right when it’s released, you’ll receive a fourth world– an even more retro old-school level (screenshot above)– before anyone else. If you miss the early buyer special, you’ll get the fourth world as a free update about a month after the game hits the App Store.

One last note: Rocketcat Games has released the enter soundtrack for the game on Youtube. You can listen to it here.

Hook Worlds has already been submitted to the App Store. There’s no exact release date yet, but they’re hoping for December 16. The game will cost $0.99.

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