Exclusive: Ballista Preview and Concept Art

We recently sat down with Red Rocket Games, the makers of Dark Harvest, Little Runner, and Mevo and the Grooveriders, to see their upcoming projects. They showed us a slideshow and described a game to us with the unassuming title of Ballista, but it was the concept art that really jumped out at us.

He’s a lover, a fighter… and a cupcake.

You play as King Cupcake, who rules over a land filled with tasty cakes. One day when you enter the Black Forest, you find that the cakes have been ransacked by the horrible Ginger Army, a battalion of gingerbread soldiers, archers, and brutes.

Ballista was described to us as having three worlds of 10 levels each, set in the Black Forest, mountains, and a desert region with buildings chipped into cliffs, like the city of Petra in Jordan.

You’ll also have 11 weapons with five different gameplay modes, including a Dark Harvest-style tilt to move gun, a Luxor-style horizontal-moving gun, and a Zuma-style central gun. Ballista will also have an in-game currency, which we assume will be used to buy upgrades.

That’s pretty much all we know about the game at this point. This artwork gives us a nice sense of the creative direction– we especially like King Cupcake’s swirl of frosting hair, and his high cupcake liner/collar. We hope to bring you more information on Ballista as it becomes available, because the game is still a few months away.

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