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Exciting Things Ahead for Mobile Gaming

Touch Arcade’s Eli Hodapp has rung in on how the games press is finally facing the fact that big game publishers are treating mobile like a first-class platform. Of course, many publishers have been doing that for years now, but many of them are just now announcing it in earnings calls, which makes it “official.” Read the full article here, after enjoying this excerpt.

Expect to see far more names you recognize from the console world appearing on the App Store throughout 2015, or at least, some significant peacocking of future plans to take over mobile in more meaningful ways than dumb, often half broken companion apps and second screen experiences. With E3 less than a month away, we’ve been getting some very curious contact from huge studios and giant publishers you normally wouldn’t think would bother talking to us, which historically means one of two things: 1. Confused PR people (Never count this out). 2. A mobile project waiting in the wings.

Via Touch Arcade

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