Escape - Norm's World XL

Escape - Norm's World XL is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Escape – Norm’s World XL Review

Norm is becoming IUGO’s latest multi-game character, the first being the infamous Toy Bot. In his second game since Cliffed, this anonymous, average guy seems to encompass the general feel of recent IUGO games: simple concepts that will appeal to your average Joe. With Escape, the developer has leaned a bit too casual to keep us entertained for long.

Escape isn’t a new concept by any stretch. Norm can hop on any circle directly adjacent to him. However, he can’t move backwards. The goal is to hop on every circle without getting yourself stuck. If you can’t figure out a level, there is an option to see the solution.

That’s the entire game in a nutshell. It offers some good puzzles at first, but the lack of gameplay twists make it feel dull quickly.

So casual, it wears jeans to work.

The control system consists of flicking your finger in the direction you want Norm to jump. This works fine, but it ends up tiring out your hand. An option to drag and hold would be optimal here.

For free, you can play 20 pre-made levels and any amount of randomly generated easy levels you like. $0.99 buys you unlimited access to medium and hard levels, both of which are also randomly generated. For iPad owners, you can purchase another $0.99 multiplayer pack that allows players to either race to beat levels first, or work cooperatively to complete puzzles on a single device.

Although it doesn’t quite make a difference since it’s a free download, Escape is a universal app. The iPad version has 3D sprites, and that, along with the multiplayer, is the main difference. We should also note that DLC can be downloaded for free on your second device once you’ve bought it the first time.

Chances are you’ll get a few minutes of entertainment from Escape – Norm’s World XL, so it’s definitely worth trying out for free. However, unless you simply can’t get enough, there isn’t much of a reason to buy the DLC.

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