ESA Study Finds Three-Quarters of Moms Play Video Games

In a study released today by the Entertainment Software Association, three-fouths of moms reported that they play videogames. The study was conducted by calling a representative sample of 2,486 women over age 18, who also had children under age 18 in their household. Among gamer moms, the most popular platform was smartphones and other mobile devices.

Other telling details in the study include the finding that 38% of gamer moms say they play games every day, with 75% saying that they play at least once a week. A majority, 71%, also say that they closely monitor the content of their kids’ videogames, which is one of the stated goals of the ESA.

The study also found that out of 1,845 gamer moms, 47% cited games as a “way to pass the time”, with 44% calling it “a way to relax/unwind” and 32% claiming games serve to “improve cognitive skills”. More information can be found directly in the report, which you can view here.

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