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EpicWin Gives You Loot For Doing Your Chores

One of the biggest inconveniences for gamers are the little chores and errands that must be done to maintain a normal lifestyle. These take away from time better spent blowing up zombies or twisting your brain around mind-bending puzzles. EpicWin’s goal is to mix the two, thereby giving you a sense of accomplishment for real-life achievements.

EpicWin first sets you up with one of five avatars, two of which are in-app purchases. These are purely aesthetic so there is no obligation to purchase the happy tree or bodybuilding CEO for $0.99. Our avatar of choice was the skeleton.

Then you set up a real-life to-do list in the game. Here you can create one-time or recurring tasks, and choose whether they’re feats of strength, stamina, intellect, social, or spirit. You can also determine how many epic points you’ll deserve for completing them. Then there’s a character page where you can see how your character’s stats are building up.

Earning epic points for completing self-set goals moves your character along on a map. You’ll occasionally run across loot, which is automatically added to your collection.

We’ve been playing with the app for several hours and have already seen an uptick in our productivity. It’ll launch at 8 p.m. PST/11 p.m. EST tonight for $2.99. We’ll post a link to the App Store when it’s available. In the meantime, check out the comical trailer below.

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