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Epic Releases Unreal Engine Demo Epic Citadel

Right after announcing Project Sword in this morning’s press event, Epic has released a free universal app called Epic Citadel that showcases what the Unreal Engine 3 can do on iOS devices.

If you watched Epic’s presentation this morning, then you saw the drop-dead gorgeous medieval-style town they presented. If you saw it, you probably wanted to be able to walk around in that town right now. Well, now you can. Epic Citadel contains that entire town for you to explore.

Epic Citadel isn’t a game, so there’s nothing to do in the town other than explore, but it looks just as amazing on our iPhone and iPad as it did at the press event. The app is mainly a showcase of what the Unreal Engine 3 can do, to get developers excited to use the engine. But any iDevice gamer will enjoy exploring the citadel and taking in the amazing views. This is probably the best-looking environment we’ve ever seen on an iDevice.

You can explore the town at your leisure or you can take the guided tour, which is basically a cinematic compilation of the highlights of the area. The lighting is gorgeous, the shiny floors are reflective, the sky is magnificent. The whole thing is amazingly… epic. It really feels like you’re walking around in a town from Oblivion or Fable 2 on the Xbox 360.

Check out the screenshots below or, better yet, just download Epic Citadel now. Here, we’ll even give you the App Store link.

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