Email Apple CEO Tim Cook, Get Your AT&T iPhone Unlocked

An AT&T iPhone user recently sent a complaint email to Apple CEO Tim Cook. AT&T wouldn’t unlock his iPhone for use with international SIM cards. Cook’s office took care of the matter and instructed AT&T to take care of this customer. More and more people have been emailing Cook ( and have been getting the same results. Check out more details on this lovely customer service story below.

Here’s the story from 9to5 Mac:

We have received upwards of six emails from readers confirming an email sent to Cook’s office resulted in a response from AT&T Partnership Operations informing them the carrier would make an exception to unlock their devices.

In the emails, most of the readers expressed frustration with not being able to use their iPhone on carriers outside the United States, and AT&T previously refused them. AT&T only contacted all of the readers after they emailed Cook. After confirming the device’s IMEI’s and phone number, AT&T Partnership Operations unlocked at least a half dozen iPhones.

It’s ridiculous that AT&T won’t unlock the phones of customers that are tied to two-year contracts and have dreaded early termination fees hanging over their heads. As someone that frequently travels to other countries, I understand the tremendous value of an unlocked phone. Being able to use a local SIM card is simply cheaper, more efficient, and more convenient than dealing with the exorbitant international roaming fees AT&T charges. While several carriers across the world have similar policies to AT&T’s, in my experience most have no problem unlocking iPhones or use unlocked hardware from the start.

For Apple’s part, this is simply awesome (though AT&T probably disagrees). It’s such a stark contrast between a company that’s known for taking care of its customers and a company with a reputation for shafting them. By getting AT&T to unlock phones, Apple is generating loyalty while reminding AT&T who has the power.

If any of you get your phones unlocked by emailing Tim Cook, please share your story in the comments section.

[Via: 9to5 Mac]

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