Elemental Rage

Elemental Rage is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Elemental Rage Review

Platformer and adventure gamers just got a new game for their library. Elemental Rage is a well polished adventure game that has taken inspiration from the metroidvania genre. It still strikes its own path instead of cloning any one game, and it succeeds in almost every aspect.

The controls are very simple and non-intrusive. You can move left or right, jump, and attack. Combat consists of using your staff to fight a variety of shadowy creatures that each have their own attack patterns. The staff is very short, but it can be upgraded to shoot a projectile if you grab a weapon upgrade token enemies occasionally drop. If you get injured once, however, your weapon will downgrade, which we found frustrating. It takes too long to upgrade the weapon, and it is far too easy to lose it again.

The plot is pretty interesting, with its progression depending on your character freeing elemental spirits and gaining their powers. This enables you to access different areas of the castle the plot revolves around.

Preparing to unleash the rage.

Part of what makes the game so polished is the impressive soundtrack, something we don’t often see in iDevice games. The orchestral music is fitting for the genre, and we appreciated the singing strings while we rushed around fighting shadows.

The most significant setback is a performance issue. According to the developers, Elemental Rage should only be played on third generation devices or newer. Even on a third generation iPod Touch, we still noticed a few lag issues, but they weren’t bad enough to cripple the gameplay.

If Elemental Rage had less punishing combat, we might be able to overlook the performance issues. As it is, it’s a very well polished game that we are happy to see on the App Store. Any platforming, adventuring, metroidvania fan will enjoy it thoroughly.

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