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Electro Chuck is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Electro Chuck Review

Electro Chuck is one of those games that’s both irritating and enjoyable at the same time. The careful gameplay, which brings to mind carnival games like Irritating Stick, could make you flip out with frustration. On the other hand, Electro Chuck should be applauded for its attention to detail, from its colorful graphics to its loading screens.

The premise of Electro Chuck is quite simple. You guide Chuck, an odd O-shaped creature who looks like a cross between Ernie from Sesame Street and Pixar’s Nemo, by tilting your device left and right. Chuck lives with an electrified cable running through the opening in his body, and you must tilt your device to save Chuck from hitting the cable too many times.

The best part of any roller coaster ride.

Along each course, you’ll encounter twisting tracks, a variety of monsters, and collectible stars. You must maneuver around the track with smooth, careful movements. Tilt too much, and Chuck is turned to ash. You also need to keep up with Chuck’s speed, which changes depending on the color of the line.

Some of the monsters you face will simply lay on the cable, forcing Chuck to “jump,” or expand his body, to move over them. This is accomplished by tapping behind Chuck on the screen. Other monsters will appear suddenly or inflate themselves, forcing you and Chuck to perform some aerial acrobatics to avoid a collision.

Tapping to avoid these monsters can be difficult, especially when you’re tilting your device at the same time. Chuck only expands when you tap behind him, and if you’ve spun your device upside-down because of a loop in the line, it may take you a moment to realize Chuck is now on the other side of your screen.

Out of the way!

In addition to monsters, you’ll find stars along each track as well. There are three stars per level, and acquiring more stars unlocks more worlds and the game’s arcade mode, in which you must guide Chuck for as long as possible.

Though Electro Chuck can be tricky, the developers have given the game enough polish to keep you smiling. The game’s cartoony graphics are superb, with vivid colors and entrancing backgrounds. Even when Chuck is electrified for the last time and explodes, it’s fun and entertaining.

The game contains Game Center integration as well. You’ll constantly unlock new achievements, and Electro Chuck makes them feel like they are an important part of the game.

Even the loading screens and start menus are interesting and original. Each loading screen displays a tip or trick to the game, often hinting at a new unlockable feature. If you are thoughtful enough to check out the credits, you’re sure to enjoy a little extra treat.

The levels may be nightmarishly frustrating at times, especially if you’ve got shaky hands, but Electro Chuck is a polished game that tries its best to entertain. This is a game that is probably best played for minutes, rather than hours, at a time, but the amount of effort put into each second of the game makes it worth your while.

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