Ektopad F1 iPad Case Review

Back in March we reviewed Incipio’s 1337 gaming case for the iPhone and iPod Touch and found it to be a great solution for people who wanted a better grip for gaming. Does Uzibull’s Ektopad F1 do the same for iPad gaming? It really depends on which types of games you like playing.

Ektopad F1 is designed for tilt-based games played in landscape orientation with very few buttons. The obvious suspects are racing games such as Real Racing HD and Need for Speed Shift for iPad, among others. Beyond this, games like Tilt to Live that are practically button-free really shine.

It’s hard to truly tell how much a case improves your gaming performance, but the thick silicone grips on the side of the case certainly make holding the device much more comfortable. Even when you squeeze down on them, slightly molding them to your grip, they remain sturdy. Using them feels a bit like driving a car in real life.

Once you add buttons, analog sticks, and heavy menu-based interfaces into the mix, however, Ektopad F1 starts to get in the way. For example, Jet Car Stunts proves troublesome to play with the case on since it makes the buttons a stretch to reach. You’ll also need to take the case off to play games in portrait orientation comfortably.

Uzibull did a great job of creating slots for the iPad’s buttons and switches. The power, orientation lock, and power buttons all fit perfectly. The power buttons are even given round up and down bubbles. The bottom grip has a cut-out for the power cord that leaves the slot uncovered without the need to adjust anything.

Ektopad F1 does have one other use outside of gaming that makes it perfect for parents with kids. An elastic strap (included) can be slung through slots on both grips. You can then attach the iPad to the back of a car seat for kids to watch movies, TV shows, and the like on.

The case costs $39.95 and comes in either white or charcoal black. If you’re the kind of gamer who enjoys tilt-based gaming, namely racing games, Ektopad F1 is a great choice. Otherwise, this may not be the gaming case for you.

To purchase the case or check out more pictures and videos of it in use, head over to the official webpage.

Editor’s note: Slide To Play received a review unit of this product from Uzibull.

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