EggRollin is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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EggRollin Review

When you were a kid, did you ever compete in a footrace with an egg balanced delicately on a spoon? While playing EggRollin, we felt a similar pressure to keep our iPhone perfectly balanced. EggRollin is a fun little game, but it requires a very light touch.

Like Angry Birds, EggRollin consists of a series of simple, one-off levels divided into larger stages. Each stage introduces new platforming concepts, like rotating platforms, trampolines, and slingshots. Your goal in each level is to roll your egg across a single screen, timing your jumps perfectly to collect every glowing orb before reaching the exit.

Heart of a robot, shape of an egg.

You control your egg by tilting the device, and we were relieved to find that the controls feel just right. Your egg has a sticky grip on each surface, so you can make very careful movements with just the slightest tilt. Plus, the oblong shape of your egg results in more unpredictable movements, which can be a lot of fun.

EggRollin also has a great sense of personality, with a driving drumbeat as the soundtrack and a dozen differently-painted eggs to play with. The levels are well-designed, perfect for when you just want to play for a quick minute.

A series of tubes.

On the downside, EggRollin is a little light in the features department. Unlike a lot of games with short levels, EggRollin doesn’t give you a 1-3 star rating or bronze, silver, or gold trophy for completing a level. Instead, only your time on each level is recorded, but we couldn’t tell if our score was above or below par. A robust score system, coupled with online leaderboards, would make a fantastic addition.

Another half-finished feature is the create-a-level mode. While it’s simple to drag and drop pieces of the environment to wherever you like them, there’s no way to share these levels, or to save more than four at a time.

EggRollin has the potential to be a great casual platformer. The great personality and level design is already in place, and all it needs now is a score system to keep us replaying it over and over again.

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