EA to Acquire Flight Control Developer Firemint

Electronic Arts announced today that they have agreed to purchase Australian developer Firemint, the makers of Flight Control and the Real Racing series. The deal will go into effect in about a month. Plenty about the agreement is unknown at this time, including how much money will change hands, and what effect, if any, the deal will have on Firemint’s games.

This is the second big iOS acquisition for EA, the first being when they scooped up publisher Chillingo in October of last year for $20 million.

Anyone worried that the quality of Firemint titles will suffer as a result of this move might take solace from the Chillingo deal, which– at least from the outside– hasn’t seemed to have had any effect whatsoever on Chillingo’s business.

We spoke with Firement developers in March, and they stated that their goal is to put out very few titles, but to make those titles as polished and fun as possible. With products as excellent as Flight Control, Real Racing, and the upcoming (and great-looking) Agent Squeek, we have to say they seem to be succeeding so far.

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