EA Releases New Skate It and Sims 3 World Adventures Screens

A few new screens have come down the wire prior to next week’s big Game Developer’s Conference. These upcoming EA games, along with Mirror’s Edge, should all be released for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the next few months, and the newest among them is Skate It.

According to the accompanying press materials, Skate It will take place in both real world locations as well as skater nirvana “San Vanelona”. There will be both freeskate and career modes, unlockable gear, customizable characters, video replays, and iPod integration.

Also coming soon is a stand-alone expansion to Sims 3, where the Sims can get out of town and see the world. For more info on The Sims 3 World Adventures, check out our previous news story and screenshots here.

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