EA Games on Sale for $0.99

EA is having a fire sale on lots of big-name games, the majority of which we awarded “Good” or “Must Have” scores. The sale will last until 9 p.m. Pacific time, Wednesday, June 23. If you’ve been waiting to pick up any of these games, now is the time. You’ll find a full list of the games, with links to their iTunes pages and our reviews, after the jump.

FIFA 10: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Madden NFL 10: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

NBA Live: 2/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Need for Speed Shift: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Need for Speed Undercover: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Command & Conquer: Red Alert: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

SimCity: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

The Game of Life: Classic Edition: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Clue: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Connect 4: (Not Reviewed) (Game PageiTunes Link)

Yahtzee Adventures: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Trivial Pursuit: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Battleship: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

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