EA Announces Burnout Crash for iOS

EA has announced that they’ll be bringing Burnout Crash to iOS. Originally appearing last month on XBLA and PSN, this title has you control a car from an overhead perspective, with the goal of crashing and causing as much damage as possible. The game will be released this holiday season.

Burnout Crash contains three game modes, 18 traffic junctions, and six locations. Like in the crash modes built into previous Burnout titles, once you initiate a crash, the game slows down and allows you to apply “aftertouch” controls to guide your car into as much valuable property as possible. You can also deploy “crashbreaker” explosions that will detonate anything with a gas tank that’s within your blast radius. And this may be a questionable selling point, but the game’s retro soundtrack features Vanilla Ice and Gloria Estefan.

Whether twisting metal and wreaking general havoc on the roads will be as fun as it sounds is something we’ll find out when the game hits the App Store. Until then, drive carefully.

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