E3 2010: EA’s Lite Brite, NCAA Football, and RISK

E3 is upon us! The crew here at STP are gearing up and sharpening our blogger skills (drinking whole pots of coffee) to bring you the best coverage from the show floor. EA gave us a bit of a break by offering a few details about their upcoming line-up for E3 in advance, before things get too hectic. Here is just sample of what EA is bringing to the table this year.

First up is a digital version of the popular toy Lite Brite. Many of us remember enjoying the process of creating images with colorful plastic pegs and light. EA is attempting to expand on the experience by incorporating multiple modes of play. There is a freestyle mode if you’re feeling creative, a timed mode to test your peg placing skills, and even an animation creator. EA is also packing in peg-by-letter templates with designs that don’t disappoint. Check out the video below to the see the Dragon Age: Origins template.

Next up, we have NCAA Football. EA has packed in an impressive number of college football teams, and if your school isn’t on the list, you can create your own team and use your iPod music as its fight song. The gameplay is shaping up nicely and brings some welcome features, such as the ability to draw the path of your receivers. EA is also implementing a slow-motion control that helps execute plays more effectively. If you’re a sports fan, keep an eye out for this one. See it in action below.

World domination on the go is something we’ve all dreamed of and EA is looking to make it a reality. RISK is coming soon to the App Store and EA hopes to smash all the clones that are lurking in the shadows. This mobile version of RISK features a multiplayer mode for you hardcore types that like to reduce your friends’ fictional nations to dust. Here is some video of it in action!

EA isn’t slouching when it comes to its mobile library. We’re looking forward E3 to see if they have anything else up their sleeves. Stay tuned this week for STP’s obsessive coverage of the biggest gaming event of the year.

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