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DrawRace 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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DrawRace 2 Review

DrawRace 2 does what every great sequel should: it maintains the best aspects of the original, while simultaneously improving it in virtually every way. DrawRace 2 features more content than the first game, it looks better, and the gameplay is more engaging. You’ll still be drawing out routes in high-speed races, but this time there’s a whole lot more of it to do.

The basic premise remains the same. Instead of directly controlling a car during a race, you draw out its course over two laps before the race begins. Then you hit ‘go’ and watch the race unfold. It’s less about being a great driver than it is being a great planner, knowing how to take the curves and when to use the brakes. DrawRace 2 adds an extra dose of strategy with a recharging boost button, which lets you gain temporary bursts of speed.

What’s amazing about the game is just how much content there is. The campaign mode alone features 180 different challenges, ranging from standard races to skill races where you’ll need to gather up balloons in addition to coming in first. These races span a number of different race styles, including formula one and rally, and each one feels distinct and unique. Rally cars slide around on ice, while overpowered street racers can burn down a straight away at impossible speeds.

Watch out for micro-pedestrians.

Playing through the campaign you’ll unlock new tracks, new cars, and additional skill classes. And there’s a scoring system where you earn medals based on your performance, so there’s always that extra incentive to replay a track in pursuit of the gold. If that’s all there was to DrawRace 2 it would still be a robust experience, but there’s more. A world league lets you pit your best times against players all over the globe, while a single-device multiplayer mode provides a unique pass-and-play racing experience. It can get a bit unwieldy with more than two people, but it’s still plenty of fun.

In addition to being a more fleshed out and expansive experience, DrawRace 2 also feels much more serious. There’s dramatic music playing over the menus and a detailed, 3D visual style replaces the more cartoony look of the original. Because you aren’t directly controlling the cars the camera can pan and zoom for more cinematic angles, which makes each race feel all the more intense.

DrawRace 2 manages to balance a simple and intuitive premise with a high level of challenge, which makes for a game that will take up quite a bit of your time, especially when you factor in just how much content is in the game. It’s almost ridiculous how much you get for one dollar. If you enjoyed the original, the sequel retains everything that made it fun while adding a host of welcome changes. It’s a unique and challenging driving experience that’s perfectly suited to your iOS device.

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