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Draw Something 2™ is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Draw Something 2 Review

Draw Something 2 attempts to make something more than just a game. Sure, everything you loved about the first Draw Something is still here. There are plenty of fun words to draw with a variety of colors and tools, but you can’t play Draw Something 2 in a vacuum. It’s meant to be played with friends. You can play with friends from your contact list or Facebook, or make new friends through the game’s random match option. Either way, the game is laid out more like a Twitter feed than a game menu. Draw Something 2 is creating its own social hub, centered around art and gaming.

The basic gameplay of Draw Something 2 is nothing we haven’t seen in living rooms across America for decades. In each round, there is a drawer and a guesser. As the drawer, it is your job to draw the word that you choose. A basic pack of three options will always be available, ranging from easy to difficult, but you can purchase other packs with in-game currency. Using your finger to act as a basic marker with a few different colors, you must draw your word well enough for your compatriot to guess it.


Next it’s your fellow gamer’s turn, and you must now guess their drawing. You are given letter tiles, which you must use to spell out your guess. You’re rewarded for each correct guess, as well as the number of uninterrupted correct guesses you both have. You can use stars if you get stuck. Stars will place a single letter tile in the correct position. You are rewarded in coins, which are used to purchase new colors or drawing tools.

Your basic drawing tool is certainly adequate for playing, but this is where the game begins to skew into the artistic realm. Draw Something 2 features a unique selection of markers and pencils to enhance your drawing. For instance, you can get a highlighter to put a light shade over your drawing, or you can get the new pixel pencil, allowing you to draw 8-bit art. You can also purchase expanded sets of color to add some nuance to your drawings. These all cost in-game currency, and some of them require a lot of it.

Where Draw Something 2 differs from the original game is in social networking. On the game’s main menu, you can now see the status of each game like you would on your Twitter feed or Facebook news feed. Each item appears in chronological order. You can also follow other players, whether or not you are playing them. This allows you to keep tabs on your favorite Draw Something 2 artist. There is also a gallery, where drawings that are the particular favorite of the Draw Something 2 staff can be seen. But don’t worry, amateurs: You don’t have to share your drawings with the community if you don’t want to.


The Draw Something 2 staff has quite a presence in the game, more than you typically see in games like these. Each day, there is a Daily Guess and a Daily Draw. In the Guess, you must try to figure out what today’s Draw Something 2 staffer has drawn. In the Daily Draw, you must simply do your best to draw today’s clue. You get rewarded the more you participate, and each of these keep you coming back to the game on a daily basis.

There are currently two versions available of Draw Something 2. The free and premium versions of the game are nearly identical, except the free version is ad-supported. The premium version also features a new drawing tool, the Sparkle Pen, and you receive additional coins and stars at the start of the game.

There’s very little wrong with this game. It has got great support from its developers, with so much content to keep you coming back it feels like you’ll never put it down. If the game suffers anywhere, it’s simply your choice of hints each round. Some are extremely difficult to draw, and new hints cost you currency. Even still, Draw Something 2 is more than a game. It’s a community.

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