DragonCraft and Dreamtopia Hands-On Previews

We met with Ngmoco at GDC and got a look at two of their biggest upcoming games. One offers a deep experience set in a steam punk/medieval fantasy world, while the other is geared toward the ever-expanding casual gaming crowd. Both games use a freemium pay model, so you don’t have to pay to play, but you can open your wallet for top-notch gear or to speed up in-game processes. Read on for details.


DragonCraft tells the story of a town that’s been destroyed by dragons. You play as the next-in-line for leadership after your father is killed in the assault, so it’s up to you to rebuild the barony and create a powerful army to take on the dragons and other enemies that try to overrun you while you’re down.

To do that, you’ll have to start from scratch, rebuilding the infrastructure of the town and leveling up your buildings to support a great army. You can also capture dragons and use them in your battles against the opposing armies. So if you’re into building sims, fantasy lore, and strategic battles, DragonCraft is one to keep your eye on. It’s already in open beta on Android, but it will release for iOS in the coming months.


Dreamtopia is by the same team that made We Rule, but here they wanted to think bigger. Instead of having an limited theme for the game, like “medieval” or “farming,” they decided to open up the possibilities by using the idea of dreams to drive the gameplay. So in Dreamtopia the characters take center stage, and your job is to help them achieve their dreams, whatever those may be.

For instance, one character wants to be an astronaut, while another wants to be in a band. To make those drams a reality, you’ll have to build a rocket for the star-gazer and help the future rockstar find bandmates. As in We Rule, there’s also a social element that lets you drop in on the creations of your friends. Dreamtopia will release for Android in the coming weeks, followed soon after on iOS.

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