Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots: A Game About Connecting is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Dots – A Game About Connecting Review

Often in life, it’s the simple things that bring us the most pleasure. The game Dots is a simple thing, and I’ve found myself returning to it daily over the past week and a half. It’s a casual game that just about anyone of any age can enjoy, anywhere they happen to be. All you need is a minute of free time and an iOS device.

Dots gives you a white screen containing rows of colorful dots. Your job is to find adjacent like-colored dots and draw a line connecting them either horizontally or vertically. Dots is a high-score game, so the goal is to make as many matches as you can within a 60 second time limit. You get points for each dot you connect, and if you form a square, all dots of that color disappear from the board.

Three power-ups are available to help you rack up a higher score. One, which can be used only once per round, grants you an extra five seconds on the timer. Another lets you make a single dot vanish. The last–the most expensive one–lets you clear all dots of a single color from the board. Power-ups are purchased by spending currency that you earn as you play. Naturally, you can also buy extra dots using real-life money, but they never push this option on you.

Graphically, Dots is appealingly minimalistic. Like Letterpress before it, Dots is made with a “flat” design philosophy, and it works great. They’ve managed to include enough playfulness in the animations that it always feels like a game.

Dots is a simple, extremely well-made game that’s ideal for quick play sessions. Really, the only thing missing is an iPad version. Dots is fun and free, so why not give it a try?

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