DotEmu Releases iCade Video for Raiden Legacy

DotEmu’s been on something of a roll lately. They’ve recently released arcade classics like Metal Slug 3 and Blazing Star onto the App Store, with full iCade support so that the touch controls don’t get in the way of the action. Their next major arcade port will be Raiden Legacy, which contains four shoot-em-ups in one app.

Raiden Legacy will contain the original 1990 game Raiden, plus the entire Raiden Fighters trilogy: Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet. Like their other recent ports, we’re expecting Raiden Legacy to support two-player co-op through Bluetooth.

We’ve also been able to confirm that Raiden Legacy will support the iCade! Below is a video that DotEmu sent to us demonstrating the game running on an iCade. Raiden Legacy will be available in the fall, and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves.

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