Doodle Bowling Pro

Doodle Bowling Pro is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Doodle Bowling Pro Review

Bowling games are notorious for unrealistic physics. Something about programming pins to free fall precisely in relation to where they get hit seems to stump a lot of developers. Doodle Bowling Pro houses some great visual production values, but they don’t cover up its poor physics engine and lack of any competition, be it against computer-generated AI or other humans.

Yum! I am hungry!

A major issue with the physics is how the pins react when hit. Sometimes they slide without falling when hit hard, while other times they tip over when lightly touched. This gets a little aggravating when you are trying to down those last few pins.

Possibly equally disappointing is the fact that you can’t play with anybody but yourself. After you unlock each of different skins by simply completing a certain number of games, all that is left to do is top your high score. There is no AI or multiplayer mode of any sort, which we would think to be easy to implement. Friend-based leaderboards are available via Facebook, but there isn’t much reason to use this feature when the top scores will always be 300.

We wish bowling in real life was this diverse.

Style is this game’s most redeeming quality that no other bowling game on the iPhone has yet topped. Eleven different skins can be unlocked, ranging from 3D doodles to underground caverns to vibrant neon pixels. Collecting them all is easy but rewarding. Each has a landscape and portrait mode.

We find it tough to recommend Doodle Bowling Pro. Without the competition factor, the replay value is nonexistent. We hope the developer brings some further functionality in future updates.

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