Disney Mobile Announces Multiple Game Updates

2012 has been a strong year for Disney Mobile iOS games, with three games (Where’s My Perry, Wreck-It Ralph, and Temple Run Brave) even claiming the top three sales spots at once in the U.S. App Store. To continue this streak, Disney has announced that they’re releasing updates for all three of those games– and more– right away.

Where’s My Perry, a spin-off of Where’s My Water starring the secret agent platypus from Phineas and Ferb, will soon receive 40 new levels for a $.99 in-app purchase. The levels star Dr. Doofenschmirtz, a bumbling evil scientist who should be very familiar to fans of the show. The update will also offer 20 free new levels.

Wreck-It Ralph will also be updated with an additional game from the movie: Turbo Time, the 16-bit, top-down arcade racer that plays a big role in the film.

Temple Run Brave, the Pixar-licensed reskin of Temple Run, will receive a new playable character: Merida’s father, King Fergus. Fergus can be unlocked for 500,000 coins– a king’s ransom, if you will. The update will also contain a free new feature, Second Shot, which seems to be a lottery-style chance to win more coins and power-ups after you lose the game.

And finally, Marvel’s Avengers Initiative will finally receive an update that include a second episode starring Captain America. The Captain will cost 10,000 units of ISO-8, so if you want to be ready when the update hits, better start saving now. In addition, Avengers Initiative will include new alternative Captain America and Hulk costumes.

At the same event, Disney also revealed three new apps launching in the next week. These are Monsters, Inc. Run, a 2D auto-running game from the makers of Mega Jump, a free holiday version of Where’s My Water/Perry with six levels from each called Where’s My Holiday, and a 3D city-building sim based on Finding Nemo called Nemo’s Reef (which is available for download now in the Canadian App Store).

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