Disney Launches Drawing Game ‘ScribbleMix’

Earlier this week, Zynga put a bullet in OMGPOP, the studio behind Draw Something and Draw Something 2. Other studios aren’t about to let Pictionary-style mobile games blow away with the ashes, though. Yesterday, Disney launched ScribbleMix, its own take on the genre.

In ScribbleMix, you take turns with your friends and try and guess one another’s doodles. Said doodles are based on random prompts—“robot surfing” being one example—which makes both the drawing and guessing process pretty interesting.

Since ScribbleMix is a Disney game, many of its prompts are based on Disney’s properties. Currently, a pack is being offered for Monsters University, the upcoming Pixar sequel to Monsters Inc. As you play, you unlock gems, coins, and new color packs.

ScribbleMix is free, and available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You can download it here.

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