Disney Infinity Apps Launching Soon

Disney has announced two upcoming iOS apps that are related to Disney Infinity, a platformer that comes out next week for PCs and consoles. The apps are Disney Infinity: Action and Disney Infinity: Toy Box, and they sound pretty cool.

Disney Infinity: Action comes out tomorrow, and will be free to download. It’s a video app that lets you digitally insert Disney characters into videos you shoot using your iOS device. For instance, you can have Sully from Monsters Inc. do a little dance next to your buddy. It’s a lot like J.J. Abrams’ Action Movie FX app, which lets you insert explosions and other action movie tropes into videos. You can watch the trailer for the Action app below.

In the Toy Box app, you’ll be able to “build and edit new worlds” from your iPad. You can then transfer your creation to the Disney Infinity game on consoles. The cross-platform nature of the app sounds cool: When you unlock new items in the console version of the game, they become available in the iPad app. This app will be free, and is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Disney Infinity has a Skylanders-like toy component, where you have to buy real-life toys to unlock characters in the game. So you can expect your toy collection to play some part in how much content is unlocked in the apps.

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