Disney brings LINE social games to the US with Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsum (pronounced soom soom) is the first big publisher game to try to bring social networking based games using LINE to the US. It’s big in Japan, will it be big here?

Line, WeChat, and KakaoTalk are messaging apps that are huge in Asia. Users see them as a replacement for email, SMS, messaging of all kinds. But none of these apps have really caught on here in the US. Over the top stickers and graphics, and deeper games integration than what Facebook allows are key points to these networks. While game integration is key and one of the most interesting features of these messaging apps letting players see what their friends are playing, high scores, etc. Much more game and social focused than anything I’ve seen on Facebook.

Disney is trying to bring the first successful game to the US and keeping the integration with LINE. With over 14 million downloads in Japan, how will it do in the US? Since the integration with LINE is optional, that could help it. But since the game is published by LINE, not Disney, it will be a little harder to find.

The game itself is a match-3 bubble popper type game using well known Disney and Pixar characters. Using the blitz type game play, each play is a high score chase played in one minute rounds.

With the release of the game globally, Disney is also releasing a ton of tie-in plush dolls but there’s no interactivity with the game.

The game is available now, we’ll have to see if this fascinating world of messaging apps will take off in the US.

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