Disney Announces Disney Infinity For Consoles, PC, and Mobile

The success of Activision’s Skylanders franchise proves that kids love mixing toys and video games. Disney hopes the combination of bytes and plastic will retain its enchantment through June as the company prepares to launch Disney Infinity, a multi-platform experience that utilizes plastic Disney figurines as “keys” to a virtual Disney-themed world.

Whereas the figurines for the Skylanders games are dragons, gryphons, giants, and other monsters, Disney Infinity’s plastic cast includes recognizable characters like Mr. Incredible, Mike and Sully, Phineas, Perry the Platypus/Agent P, and Captain Jack. There are some happy surprises in the crowd too, including Wreck-It Ralph and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 17 character figures will be available when Disney Infinity launches in spring/summer, and 40 collectable interactive pieces will be available as well. More figures will trickle onto shelves as the Disney Infinity gathers steam.

The digital portion of Disney Infinity is what’s being described as a “virtual toy box.” Players set their figurines on a base to warp that character into a “play set,” where he or she can participate in games, battles, and other story-driven experiences in iconic Disney locations. Be on the lookout for Captain Jack’s ship, Monster University, and lots more. Players can also build up their own world and share their new hangout with friends online and offline.

Come June, you’ll be able to buy the Disney Infinity starter set for $74.99 USD. A single figure will cost you $12.99, and a three-pack is a bargain at $29.99.

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