Disc Drivin'

Rating: 4+

Disc Drivin' is a game from Pixelocity Software LLC, originally released 13th December, 2010


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Disc Drivin’ Review

Few multiplayer games have drawn us in like Disc Drivin’. The idea is simple: take turns with up to three other players flicking discs through racetracks. The first person to make their way around the track three times wins. It may sound simple, but we guarantee this game will suck you in as well.

Each track is structured around different challenges, such as jumps, curves, edges without walls, and bumpers. You also have a power-up meter that fills as your disc moves along. When it’s full, this meter grants you a power-up of your choice, like a speed boost, full stop, or hazardous object to place on the ground.

Falling behind isn’t always terrible. Those behind first place get the benefit of a faster-filling power meter. We’ve been in races where we were half a lap or more behind an opponent and then come back for the win.

Some of the other features include the ability to watch replays of any move made by a player, zoom out to view the entire track, and chat with other players. You can also play with others via hotseat multiplayer, Bluetooth, and local Wi-Fi, although we feel Disc Drivin’ is best played online.

Catch some big air.

The competition is very lighthearted, mostly because you can only play with people in your contact book or whose in-game name you already know. Unfortunately, there is no friends list or matchmaking, but we were able to find plenty of people willing to race us on Twitter.

Also, the free version of Disc Drivin’ offers all of the game’s features with ads, in the menu and in a pop-up ad after each turn. If you want to race a friend, all they need to do is download this free version and you’re ready to go. Still, $2.99 is not a bad price to pay for the removal of ads, and it goes to support the developers.

If you’re on the go, Disc Drivin’ is the perfect way to get your multiplayer fix. It requires no more than one bar of service and 30 seconds to open the app, update your race list, take your turn, and send it off to the server. This easy in-and-out is exactly what mobile gaming is best for.

We have some suggestions for future updates, such as in-depth player profiles, computer-controlled opponents, and so on, but at the end of the day we rarely have this much fun with an iPhone game. Pick up Disc Drivin’, tell your friends to do the same, and start your finger-flicking engines.