Dingle Dangle

Dingle Dangle is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Dingle Dangle Review

Dingle Dangle has two things going for it. First, the game has easy-to-use controls and an easy-to-grasp concept, which makes this a carefree, casual game for all players. Second, this game pushes the cuteness factor. The Dingles are adorable little creatures that will warm your heart, even after you’ve completed the game.

There isn’t much of a story to Dingle Dangle, but it’s set in an odd world. A captain in his flying ship teaches you the art of recovering Dingles from the wild, which involves dangling a long rope down into a cave. From there, it’s nothing but worlds filled with puzzles and Dingles.


The Dingles are peaceful little ball-shaped creatures who live underground. Once in contact with your rope, they will hold on for dear life. When they touch other Dingles, they stick together to form a rope or ball of combined Dingles.

Every level requires you to rescue a certain number of Dingles. You’re limited by the length of your rope, and your Dingles are in danger of hitting spikes along the wall. To gently maneuver your Dingles out of their cave, you need to tilt your device left or right. This actually rotates the ground around your rope, allowing you to safely remove your Dingles.

As the game progresses, so do the challenges. For instance, you start with red Dingles but will discover other colors as well. In order to rescue all of them, you’ll need to eat underground bugs to change color. You also need to manage your Dingles. Some levels require you to keep them in a straight line to escape narrow passages, while others make you form them into a ball to break down walls.


Whenever a Dingle hits the wall spikes, it pops like a balloon. Although this can cost you the level, the more heart-wrenching part is that your little Dingle buddy has just died. They’re so cute and cuddly that their safety becomes a virtual priority. The Dingles make funny faces and say humorous things whenever you interact with them. You can also unlock Dingle outfits to change their appearance.

Dingle Dangle’s gameplay is fun and offers some good puzzles, but the highlight here is the cast of characters. Even the odd sky pirate who guides you through the game is a fun and memorable character. Like most games published by Chillingo, Dingle Dangle is a quick casual game, but the characters may keep you coming back for more.

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