Dice Soccer

Dice Soccer is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Dice Soccer Review

The FIFA Women’s World Cup recently transpired, and it was full of tense matches and a lot of USA triumph– until the final match, where we played well but lost out. Having skill but still being subjected to chance is an experience that Dice Soccer provides well. On the other hand, the game is anything but tense, and you won’t find any female characters whatsoever.

Dice Soccer isn’t so much a soccer game as it is a dice-based strategy game with a soccer theme. Within that, it takes a familiar tactic: a diverse team of players begin on sandlots and cracked pavement, and eventually progress to league play, tournaments, and greener fields. Progress is based on upgrading the team by replacing them with better players, so don’t look for any heartfelt player improvement.

High rollers.

Each team is composed of three forwards, three defenders, and one goalie. Gameplay is performed through the miraculous conversion of your players into dice, which are then rolled to determine total score. Each player has special abilities depending on what is rolled, and the matches hinge on which players you use, which abilities you focus on, and how you use the abilities during the game.

The fields and players alike are cartoony and often comical. New characters, from the red-and-white face-painted fan to the questionably-human Bob Zomby are unlocked through a variety of achievements, which range from winning matches to scoring a hat trick to losing terribly. Seasons with league play and tournaments are played for money, but you can always get game money and unlock characters by using real money. The game is free, making this more palatable, but we were happy to note that we didn’t feel our hand being forced towards these in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, Dice Soccer frequently crashes, and there’s no auto-save feature, which considering the increasingly time-consuming matches as you progress, tarnish the game. We were also occasionally frustrated by its slow-paced gameplay and its dependence on chance. In the end, however, the strategic management paired with furious finger-crossing for luck proved addictive and humorous, providing for a good game.

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